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Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation
Jabiru Masterplan

Developed in close collaboration with the Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation, the Jabiru masterplan presents a vibrant future for the Jabiru community, with socially sustainable tourism capitalising on Kakadu’s internationally recognised environmental and cultural heritage, as Australia’s only dual world heritage listed site.

Utilising economic and urban modelling the project identified the necessary urban infrastructure required to transition the town from an economic base focused on mining, to a tourism focused model which will sustain the future of the local community, traditional owners and tourist visitation to the broader region.

The masterplan strategically reorientates access to the town to arrive at a proposed new World Heritage Centre at the edge of the town’s rehabilitated lake and recreated wetland. With expansive views towards the Kakadu escarpment this will situate the township at the heart the Kakadu experience. A suite of exclusive accommodation options is proposed along the lake frontage, complimenting and expanding the existing range of accommodation within the town and the broader Kakadu region. New community infrastructure, including a Bininj (Traditional Owner) Resource Centre and housing strategy is provided within the plan and will benefit from the supporting tourism infrastructure.

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