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024 BM 033 LM 047 JD 049
Ethical Property Australia
12 x 12

12x12 is a fitout for two retail gallery spaces, designed to accommodate a range of ethical and social enterprise in Melbourne’s historic Donkey Wheel House. 


The spaces are designed to accommodate small and emerging makers and retailers, within a retail gallery space.  12 x 12 will accommodate 12 brands at a time within a retail gallery space, while 2 x 2 will accommodate 2 larger retailers sharing a larger open space.


The design makes use of a custom routed plywood hanging wall, using a system of removable dowels and shelves, it allows the changing roster of retailers to customise their space to accommodate different types of products being sold.  The system allows people to hang clothes, bags and similar products, while shelves of different sizes can be moved in place to support different types of display. 


The centre of the space includes a large ‘touch’ table fabricated from sustainably source plywood, which allows visitors to the space to touch and interact with the product. 


The custom pattern cut into the wall panels is designed to reflect that iconic features of the Donkey Wheel House, a heritage listed building that was former tramways headquarters for Melbourne.  


The project was completed in partnership with The Space Agency, Ethical Property and built by 4x2 construction.

12 x 12