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Private Client
California Dreaming

California Dreaming is one of a continuing series of projects exploring adaptations of Australian suburban typologies to contemporary housing requirements. Located in an area of city originally developed with inter-war ‘California Bungalow’ type housing, the project adapts this typology to contemporary living styles and expectations for a pair of duplex residential units.

The project takes the California Bungalow typology as a point of departure, adapting it to the specific site conditions; sheering the floor plate vertically to minimise cut & fill, slipping it horizontally to provide north facing private open spaces, and finally extending and wrapping the signature double-gable roof form around the building to provide maximum exposure to sunlight in winter, while shielding the interior spaces from the summer sun & western light in the afternoons. The units are mirrored in plan with the northern orientated living spaces, opening out onto private balcony/courtyard the northern views down the valley and across the city.

California Dreaming is a consciously Tasmanian project responding to the emerging conditions and needs of contemporary infill housing in the many of Tasmania’s inner urban areas. The project synthesizes contemporary expectations for space, light and environmental performance, with the urban presence of an established neighbourhood character.

California Dreaming
Tanja Milbourne