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Adidas Landscape

The ‘Forest’ transforms the campus from a series of figured objects into a strong and legible figured landscape with carved voids and rooms. The ‘Home Ground’ provides communities of clustered open space, landscape rooms, and amenity that act as common ground and shared space between the existing campus buildings and their users.

An archipelago of external rooms, event spaces, sporting venues, working spaces and places for respite, the ‘Dimples & Studs’ are rooms of different sizes to accommodate use by one or a hundred, with some providing infrastructure for use including cycle stations, wi-fi hotspots, toilets, and amenities.

The ‘Relay’ can be entered and exited anywhere along its route; a fast track circulation system that provides an accelerated way to traverse the campus north/south and east/west. Additionally, a clear system of generous secondary and tertiary paths allow for walking, cycling, roller blading, running, and meandering. The ‘Paths’ allow for direct connection between buildings and allow for more indirect promenading.

The forest is arranged to provide maximum seasonal change at the parts of the campus that are most heavily occupied. The programming and use of rooms will add to this sense of a perpetually evolving workplace.

The rooms are made from sporting surfaces – the turf pitch, the synthetic track, the sand of the beach, timber of the velodrome, and the sprung floor of the gymnasium. Path hierarchy, planting, and the arrangement of episodic events encourage the night time activation of the campus, both extending the public life of the workplace and providing a save environment for its users, while the boundary fence and service loop are accommodated, but their visual impact is reduced by being within the mass of the forest.

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